Editorial: Tweed jackets, snake serum and pit fumes

Another week into Autumn and I find the mornings are so quickly getting cold that I’ve already had to bring out the serious jackets. If the decline in temperature continues at this rate I’ll be all wooled up in the mountain parka by November and the expedition-grade down jacket by Xmas. A scary thought. Not only because it will be freezing cold outside, but I’ll have run through my jackets in double-quick time. And as we know, Autumn and Spring are when we get to enjoy all those jackets we have studiously collected.

Photo 16.10.15, 14.39.49

Tomorrow will be the big reveal on the tweed jacket upcycle project, and I know many are looking forward to seeing how much it has been transformed by performing a little work on it. I’ve just given the collar a little steam to make the sides more symmetrical, the buttons are all in place, and yes, I did manage to hand sew a couple of buttonholes. Sort of. I’ll show you tomorrow.

Photo 16.10.15, 15.29.39

Something I’ve been meaning to do for a while now is investigate deodorants. With the increasing focus on health, chemicals and being cosmetically aware, I feel it’s time to take a look at what we are putting in our pits, every day of our life. This is one of the most direct ways we are applying a cocktail of chemicals to our body, and there are things to be aware of. On the most basic level, the yellowing of the armpits on your nice white t-shirts is down to the aluminium in your roll-on. Aluminum? Yes, it is there to block the pores and work as an antiperspirant. And t-shirt yellowing agent. More about this later.

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I occasionally find myself contacted by companies asking if I’d like to take a look at their products. Usually I’ll pass on it, as most of it is quite outside my scope of interest. This time though my eyes zoomed in on the word snake serum. Wow. Now, I’m probably the least cosmetically guy I know of, with a total scope of shampoo, toothpaste and deodorant (still). Oh, and something to set my hair. The idea of using snake serum to ease out the wrinkles around my eyes seems plain weird. Yet, I’m sure there are guys (and their gals) wondering if this might be a worthwhile effort. So I’m going to give it a spin. For you, loyal reader. Will it shed years from my wrinkly features? Stay tuned for updates.

PS: Just noticed, this is my post number 350. No one finds this more remarkable than I do. Wow!

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