Monthly Archives : March 2015

The power of the branding

We like to think we’re rational and sensible people, capable of seeing right from wrong, the real from the fake, not allowing ourself to be tricked or conned. Yet when your partner asks your opinion on some new item they have purchased, are you able to answer a straight yay or nay? Or do you find yourself needing more parameters than…

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Spring is the thing – Pictotorial

By the end of last week I was quite worn out by trying to post the anniversary post as number 300. So much so that I neglected to post my weekly Friday editorial. The one where I get to rerun the best Instagram photos of the week, hint at future posts, and generally get to mention stuff that is on…

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Trouser Tuesday: Hansen Garments, relaxed hemp

Sometime last year I was asking the question of why we weren’t seeing more hemp used in the clothes we buy. Given the environmental issues surrounding the use of cotton, there are good reasons to be looking at alternative materials to use for our fabrics. Hemp is a plant that has many advantages over cotton, yet it’s still quite rare…

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