Book review: “Icons of men’s style” by Josh Sims – round two!

This is a book I reviewed almost two years ago and here I am again, with a  brand new copy in my hands. In a physical way it’s entirely different, though the content is exactly that same as the previous edition. What I’m really saying  is that it’s now been re-released in a physically smaller version, with the same decent content as the original. And it’s only half the price.

icons of mens style large and small

Considering the content of this book is just about what would be a Menswear 101 course it’s quite a bargain at 10 quid, and sidewise the new version actually fits in the pocket of a classic duffle coat. And as the duffle is a proper icon of menswear, you can read about that on page 28. Or the brogue on page 94. The tweed jacket on 130 or lumberjack shirts on 155. See, it gives you a background on all the good stuff.

icons of mens style in a duffle pocket

For the rest, I direct you to my original review. Available from the 22nd of January at all the usual places you go to satisfy your literary needs, or by pre-order from Amazon now.

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