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Blue Blooded, just another denim book?

Is it just me or has there been something of a deluge of denim-related books the past couple of years? And none of them really all that good? Like this really bad one or this slightly better one. At least from where I’m sitting there has been more enthusiasm than actual content, more styled and curated photography than actual words…

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Book review: “The Details” by Josh Sims

Another week and another book selected from the stack of menswear-related titles on the table next to the roaring fireplace here in the library at Well Dressed mansion. A steaming mug of strong tea, a pile of butter cookies and my reading monocle polished and ready. Todays offering is a recent publication from the productive Josh Sims, eminent author of “Icons of…

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Book tips: Icons of men’s style by Josh Sims

The second book in my brief series of books you ought to buy (or borrow or steal), is “Icons of men’s style” by Josh Sims: From the description on the inside cover: “Behind nearly every item in the modern male wardrobe is a ‘first of it’s kind’ – the definitive example, often designed by a single company or brand for…

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