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With the one year anniversary for my humble blog coming up soon, I’ll be doing the odd post summarising my experience of being a middle-aged menswear blogger. First of all I’d like to do a short post on how people actually find my blog, specifically what search terms they enter into the search engine which results in them finding their way here. And yes, I can actually see a lot of these referral terms, and yes, they can provide valuable insight into what people are actually interested in.


So, without further prose, here are my top twelve favourite search terms that resulted in someone reading something I have written and posted to my blog.

  • well dressed dad
  • mature men in underwear
  • mens workwear clothing fetish
  • old man vintage clothing with brace
  • shirt too big man
  • mature daddy underwear
  • middle aged men in harris tweed
  • underwear for mature men
  • old trouser
  • welldressedgirlfriend
  • dad style blog
  • flat cap style

These are by no means representative of the massive amounts of searches that have been entered into search engines and been directed to Well Dressed Dad, but for some reason or other they caught my eye. You may notice a certain disturbing trend as well. And before you ask, no there will not be any upcoming underwear photo shoots! Looking at the list as a whole does make for an interesting concept for some photos though, or what say you, dear reader?


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