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Waistcoat Wednesday: Fancypants herringbone from Scotch & Soda

Yes, I know, you’ve all been missing my Waistcoat Wednesday reviews, and I feel bad about it. Truly. However, I have a new one today, and will hopefully have a couple more in the coming weeks. Today’s offering is another fine piece from Scotch & Soda, consistent and fine supporters of the waistcoat through each season. This one I discovered in their…

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Waistcoat Wednesday: Scotch & Soda, another round please!

While we’re all enjoying these lazy and warm summer days, what could be better than another round of Scotch & Soda? OK, so it’s not always easy to come up with an intro to ease into another eulogy to the wonders of the sleeveless garment we know as the waistcoat. This time round I’m back with another number from the…

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Waistcoat Wednesday: Scotch & Soda, more than cheese and clogs

Another Wednesday and another instalment of my much lauded series of presentations of armless attire. This weeks waistcoat is from the, relatively speaking, young Dutch company Scotch & Soda. My impressions of Scotch & Soda indicates that they have their sights on the youngish to middle-aged man, at a price range a few steps up from the cheap companies. They…

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