News: Universal Works socks, most welcome freebies

Today I’m working from home, one of the perks of having an above average commute. One of the advantages of working from home is that I get to be first to the mailbox when the postman silently rolls by in his little electric van. Both WellDressedGirlfriend and myself are avid mail-orderers, so the daily delivery is always eagerly anticipated. Possibly a little sad, but quite harmless.


Come one, dad, work that pose!

Today my free socks from Universal Works arrived. Free as in “thank you” for taking past in their recent competition. I didn’t make it to the finals there, even though I’d dressed up in almost all my Universal Works kit and really worked on my pose. I’d better not give up my day job quite yet.


Even the socks manage a more interesting pose than dad

The socks are really nice though. Diamond socks in light grey 100% cotton, made in England. Properly knitted and well sized. I’ve got a couple of pairs of wool socks from Universal Works as well and have really enjoyed them, even though I paid for them. What I’m saying, in a roundabout way is: Socks from Universal Works work reliable well.

Oh, and their competition is very much over now. So no free socks for you!

Addendum: WellDressedGirlfriend read the label and says they are “Dove” coloured, which means they should have a smokey bluish colour, but apparently these are a quite hideous mint-green colour, with a sheen like sweaty polyester. I’m not making this up, she really does not like my socks! I maintain though that Universal Works do good socks, but maybe best to avoid those in a “Dove” colour. Right?

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