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Kickstarter, the popular and innovative website for seeking funding through crowd-sourcing has seen yet a new use today, as UK-startup Machiavellian is seeking funding to launch it’s new brand of high-end men’s sleepwear. Kickstarter started out being mainly about seeking funding for geeky gadgets, but has seen massive diversity in the projects seeking necessary funding. As far as I know, this project by Machiavellian is the first attempt at finding funding to launch a new brand of hyper-exclusive silk pyjamas!

machiavellian kickstarter

The man behind Machiavellian is Steven Young, former head of design at reputable menswear brands Pringle and Burberry. His inspiration is well known swimwear brand for the brash and moneyed, Vilebrequin. They are hand made in London by the same craftsman used by Turnbull and Asser of Jermyn Street, with silk printed on the banks of Lake Como by one of Italy’s most prestigious print houses. They are said to “combine handmade English quality and the luxury of silk with vibrant, modern design, where the natural properties of silk are ideal for sleepwear keeping the wearer cool in summer and warm in winter. As beautiful inside as out, the sleepwear features re-enforcing panels at all major stress points and French seams throughout.”

The actual first product being launched now are pyjama bottoms at the quite eye-watering price of 700 pounds a pair. Get in as an early backer though and you can get your first pair at a 50% discount. Rather to rich for me, I’m afraid, but I’m sure Steven will find gentlemen with both funds and a taste for the brazen prints!

Machiavellian peacock looking down

In case you are of the shy sort, the fly is said to be triple covered for privacy. Good to know, though I hardly think anyone entering their boudoir in a pair of the peacock emblazoned jammies is a shrinking violet!

For more information about the project on Kickstarter, here is a direct link.

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