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While in Copenhagen… A visit to Hansen Garments


Reading Time: 10 minutesOne of the places I was most looking forward to visit while in Copenhagen was the world HQ of quality menswear brand Hansen Garments. I’ve been a fan for a few years now and have enjoyed following their ascent from being a tiny and almost unknown brand to where they are now, a little larger, yet still as dedicated, still…

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A few thoughts about workwear…


Reading Time: 9 minutesI’ve been meaning to write something about workwear for a while now, but find myself prompted now by my friend Svante “Urban Hippie” Nybyggars writing a piece about it over on the excellent site Denimhunters. While I for the most part agree with Svantes sentiments about workwear, I feel inspired to chip in with my 2 øre on the matter.…

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Fein und Ripp, something old, something new


Reading Time: 6 minutesWhile in Berlin recently (trip report here) a friend recommended I find the time to visit a shop by the name of Fein und Ripp. Not being very savvy to the happening places in Berlin, I had to make a quick visit to their website before seeing how essential it was to make a detour up to Prenzlauer Berg. Well, the…

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Waistcoat Wednesday: Scotch & Soda, more than cheese and clogs

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Reading Time: 4 minutesAnother Wednesday and another instalment of my much lauded series of presentations of armless attire. This weeks waistcoat is from the, relatively speaking, young Dutch company Scotch & Soda. My impressions of Scotch & Soda indicates that they have their sights on the youngish to middle-aged man, at a price range a few steps up from the cheap companies. They…

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Favorite items: Real vintage workwear


Reading Time: 2 minutesWhile staying in my parents house, I’ve often studied the old photo shown below. It’s a photo of Joseph Chetwynd, my great-great grandfather after her Most Gracious Majesty the Queen had conferred upon him the decoration of “The Albert medal of the Second Class”. This was received for gallantry in saving lives at the Baddesley Collierey Explosion in May 1882,…

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Book tips: Vintage menswear – A collection from the Vintage Showroom by Sims,Luckett & Gunn


Reading Time: 5 minutesThe Vintage Showroom is both a collection and a shop in London. This book is written by Josh Sims (who we already know though “Icons of Men’s Style”) and the proprietors of The Vintage Showroom, Douglas Gunn and Roy Luckett, and what a book it is! As with “Icons of men’s style” it perfectly illustrates that almost everything being done…

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Waistcoat Wednesday: Whillas & Gunn, Australian outback style


Reading Time: 5 minutesTo kick of the long anticipated stroll through my collection of fetish-clothing waistcoats, I’ve selected an oddball starter. I know a few of you were expecting me to go for a number in Harris Tweed, but they will keep for now. Today’s waistcoat is by the Australian company Whillas & Gunn, an interesting company that has been operating since 1972,…

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Shop visit: Universal works


Reading Time: 7 minutesOn my recent visit to London, one of the around half a dozen destinations on my list was the Universal Works shop. While a few places now  stock Universal Works garments (such as Urban Outfitters, various left field and trendy menswear shops, and even a few of the online-only clothes shops), there is only the one dedicated Universal Works shop.…

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A label to watch: Hansen Garments


Reading Time: 6 minutesMy interest in clothes has evolved over time. From finding items I kind of liked in highstreet shops, to actively seeking out the really special items. A lot of my old favorites have been moved progressively further into the darker realms of my closets, as they have been replaced by truly great items. I’m not saying the things I like…

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