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Update: How have the boots worked out so far?


Whilst giving my winter boots a little attention before retiring them after another season of use, it struck me that maybe it would be interesting to hear how a few of the things I use have worked out long-term. A review will almost always be based on first impressions and a limited amount of use, so just like other aspects…

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Guide: Some boots to see you through the winter


For me winter means boots. I know some people feel it appropriate to stride through the cold and dark, over the ice and snow, wearing the same flimsy, slippery and chilly footwear they use the rest of the year. Around here though we see winter as an opportunity to boot up. And boots must be real boots, no zips and…

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The partially comprehensive guide to shoe soles


In recent times I’ve had  a couple of pairs of shoes resoled. In the grand scheme of things makes me something of a know-it-all, with regards to what goes on on the underside of Gentleman’s footwear. First I found a pair of custom-grade Church brogues, which I then had resoled with Dainite soles, then a pair of lesser brogues resoled with commando soles.…

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Iconic Footwear: The Red Wing 877 Irish Setters


I confess, I come from a family of scavengers. Jumble sales, small ads and charity shops all get our blood pumping that little bit harder. My Saturday trip to town always includes a visit to the local Salvation Army charity shop for a quick look through their stock. 999 times out of a 1000 there is nothing worthwhile there, but…

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Why shoe sizes are a mess


A couple of recent shoe experiences have really brought home to me, again,  how frustrating the issue of sizing is. I’ve previously posted about this in regards to clothing, this time it’s about the footwear. Looking at it with an analytical eye, how hard can it be? In it’s basic form the average human foot has a single measurement of…

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Some fantastic footwear for the spring (and summer)


Hot on the heels of my spring jackets guide comes this, the unmissable guide to footwear for the spring season. Now, those that have been following me for a while know that I don’t do trainers or running shoes, apart from when I’m working out or running. And when it comes to style trainers really are not in my game.…

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Review: Red Wing Ice Cutters, boots for dad


For a while now I’ve been wanting to get a pair of Red Wing boots. Did I need a pair? Not for any practical purpose. I already had a couple of pairs of usable winter boots, and for me winter boots tend last a long time. Plenty of snow and ice means there is little wear on the soles, and…

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So, I flew to Berlin for a weekend…


As a child of the Cold War era and avid reader of spy novels, Berlin has always been a place holding a certain mystique for me. So when recently looking around for a fun destination to spend a reasonably priced weekend, Berlin popped up as an interesting choice. Given that it is serviced by the low-price airlines and seemingly packed…

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Back to the future: Red Wing Supersoles


Guest post #2 by Scratch I considered that this may bring Well Dressed Dad’s blog to boot overload – but of course, a man can never talk or know too much about stout footwear. And besides, I’m excited. The Red Wing Supersole has a nostalgic place in my heart from my younger days. Singular appearance and actually tougher than old…

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Five fantastic kicks for the cold season


Although I quite briefly touched upon winter boots in my post on style tips for the Autumn and Winter (if you missed them, find parts one, two and three here), I thought I’d offer up a few more specific tips of boots that might take your fancy right about now. The selection is based on boots I’ve noticed, with input…

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