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Tube strikes, sullen supermodels and more awesome summer looks!


Reading Time: 4 minutesI find myself on an overcast Thursday morning on the outskirts of London. The sky is grey, looks like it could easily dissolve into rain, and I could easily find myself complaining about the quite disappointing weather this sumer. It’s enough to put you into a right blue funk, eh? Or, pop on a parka and enjoy the opportunity to get…

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My favorite items: Engineered Garments Oslo pants

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Reading Time: 3 minutesAs an a new ongoing series, I thought I’d like to do a few posts of items in my “collection” that I have a special fondness for. First out, my Oslo pants by Engineered Garments. Now everyone with a little interest in the better quality of clothing has come across Engineered Garments. Started in 199 by designer Daiki Suzuki, a…

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