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When “eco fashion” means “con-oaf, he is”

Reading Time: 3 minutesIt’s been a while now since I last posted a rant. You might be forgiven thinking that my more Meldrewesqe tendencies have been under control, my life has been utterly copacetic (such a great word, aren’t great words just the greatest?) and there was nothing around to make me shake my fist in annoyance. Yet, as I wander around, observing,…

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Is there a relationship between quality and cost?

Reading Time: 10 minutesAn interesting topic revealed itself yesterday, spurred on by WDW noticing that yet another of her items of clothing was ripe for recycling. Not that it had totally failed in it’s mission, it was still quite serviceable in that it had no holes, failed seams or other mechanical failures. It was just not in the same condition as when it…

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If you like cheap clothes, you should watch “The True Cost”

Reading Time: 6 minutesI could make this a one-line post and just point back to the title. Get the message across in just a few words, make life easier for myself, stop waffling on for maximum verbiage. Yet, it’s early Sunday morning, the birds are singing, the dog is sleeping (nothing new there) and the coffee is strong and good. So let me…

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