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A comprehensive guide to Goodyear welted shoe soles


Reading Time: 10 minutesIn recent times I’ve had  a couple of pairs of my quality shoes, the ones with Goodyear welted shoe soles, resoled. In the grand scheme of things makes me something of a know-it-all, with regards to what goes on on the underside of Gentleman’s footwear. First I found a pair of custom-grade Church brogues, which I then had resoled with Dainite soles, then…

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I know you’ve got sole – my first brogues redone


Reading Time: 5 minutesA while back I wrote a couple of posts about my Church brogues. First about discovering them in a local charity shop and discovering how appropriate they were for me, and then the process of having them resoled to make them more usable to me. Being utterly enchanted with the result of the freshly ruggedized fancy shoes, I was in no doubt…

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A week in Instagram photos


Reading Time: 4 minutesGiven my new found fame as a man to watch on Instagram, I thought I’d shamelessly cash and publish a weekly “best of” my photos. Those that follow me on Instagram will find nothing new here, but in the spirit of upcycling and recyling, for the rest of the planets population (minus some 2000 of you), please pleasure your visual…

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How to improve upon brogue perfection through resoling!


Reading Time: 7 minutesIf you think back to a week or to before Xmas, you’ll recall that I reported on the stroke of luck I had in finding a pair of Custom Grade Chetwynd brogues by Church in my local Salvation Army charity shop. A truly remarkable find, and even more remarkable in that they were my size as well. A pair of…

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A pair of brogues with my name on them


Reading Time: 8 minutesOver recent years I’ve gotten into the habit of stopping by the local Salvation Army shops nearby when passing. I’ve been lucky to have a fairly decent one both in the small town where I live, and right next to where I’ve been working for the past 4 years. The combination of doing my bit for charity and possibly finding…

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Tip: Commando-soled brogue and gravel


Reading Time: 2 minutesContinuing on my mission to be the middle-aged menswear blog that provides the best value for money for my elite group of readers, I am today offering up something of a top-tip for those of you struggling to come to terms with the amount of gravel (or small stones, for the non-engineers among you) your commando-soled brogues are picking up.…

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Style: What did I wear today?

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Reading Time: 2 minutesThis isn’t something I plan to make a regular occurrence of posting, but seeing as it was the Norwegian national day today and an opportunity to dress up a little more than usual, I thought I’d share my “day-off” look with all my fantastic readers. Posed against my garage door, appearing to look unconcerned and relaxed, I’m wearing my SEH…

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Favorite items: Grenson X Barbour Marske country brogues, kicking it countryside style


Reading Time: 9 minutesToday’s favourite items only came onto my feet a few days ago, yet have already taken a clear position as my most favourite shoes. Ever. They truly are this magnificent. I’ve had an eye for Grenson for a while now, daydreaming about their brogues, and especially the ones with the more modern thick rubber soles. As a slightly more grown-up…

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Icons: The brogue – from marshwork to gentlemans footwear


Reading Time: 8 minutesBrogues are seemingly everywhere these days. While long being the quintessential shoe for the proper tweedy gentleman, available through shoemakers and expensive outfitters, nowadays you’re as likely to find them in the lower end high street shoe shops, vying with trainers and dessert boots for the attention of man with an aspiring taste on a more limited budget. So what…

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