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A new minimal wallet from Minimum Squared

A while back I did a few wallet reviews, comparing a couple of different concepts of, well, walletry? The most innovative of those was from Minimum Squared in Valencia, Spain. A tiny wife and husband team taking a more engineered look at how a wallet could work. Well, they’ve tweaked the design, added more leather options, and I have one…

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Leather wallets: Two more variants for your consideration

A while back I posted a review of the Minimum Squared wallet, an innovative design (and incidentally it has won a design award since I wrote about it). Today I’m taking a look at two more variants I have been using recently. One is a very traditional type of cardholder, the other one with some added different. Oh, and while the…

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Review: Wallet innovation from Minimum Squared

I have to confess, my wallet game has been sorely lacking, at least compared to the guys that put some effort into it. A few years back I was seduced by one of those technical type of card holders with a little lever underneath that serves up your cards, and protects you from electronic snooping. Kind of handy, but really…

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