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Garmology: Slowly and properly made – With Niamh Carr of NemCee

After graduating with a Masters’s Degree in Fashion and Business, Niamh wanted to start her own company, based on her own principles, values and way of doing things. We talk about studying fashion, how the obvious path goes into fast fashion, the difference between making things quick and easy versus taking your time to do it properly, how a career…

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Garmology: From Hackney with love – With Barbara and Nick, A State of Nature (S04/E13)

Today’s guests are Barbara and Nick, the due behind the small Hackney-based brand, A State of Nature. Heavily into the small-scale, well-crafted, detail-oriented, natural fabrics and direct sales school of business, building the business from the ground level with a focus on longevity and happy customers. We talk about the joys and frustrations and how coming from luxury fashion means…

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Garmology video: The Norwegian Rain single-breasted raincoat review

Continuing my theme of “Fun with outerwear”, today I’ve arrived at Norwegian Rain. As the name implies, it’s a Norwegian company. They’ve been going since 2010 and consist of T-Michael, tailor and creative vision, and Alexander, business manager and realist. Hailing from Bergen claimed to be the rainiest city in Europe, raincoats seem an appropriate idea. In this video, I…

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