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The Garmsman Dozen #21: John B from the UK/USA

Welcome to the anniversary 21st instalment of the “Garmsman Dozen” question and answer session.  Did you miss earlier ones? There are links at the end of the page. This week we extend a warm welcome to John B from the UK/USA! Who are you, where do you live and what interests you? John B, Brooklyn, 50 Instagram: johnbbrooklyn I grew…

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Trip report: Glastonbury and a bit of the South-West corner of the UK

Mid May it was time to visit the sceptred Isles of Great Britain for another getaway mini-break. Learning from previous experiences regarding the absolute density of experiences in the UK, we planned less travel and more local exploring this time. This also means spending less valuable time moving from overnight accommodation to new overnight accommodation, which again helps to avoid energy loss. This…

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The weekly journal of photos and fabric education

Another week comes to an end, Xmas looming large in the horizon. Tomorrow I will post my Xmas guide to what you might like to buy yourself for Xmas. An excuse for me to go window-shopping around the world. Last weekend I posted a fairly brief summary of our UK tour this summer. It’s difficult to keep pieces like that…

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