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The anniversary quiz and giveaway!

Well, it’s time for another anniversary celebration here at Well Dressed mansions. The fire is roaring, as per usual, the G&T’s are flowing freely and the hounds are running wild. Good will to all mankind, fireworks, overwhelming feelings of accomplishments and all that malarkey. Wish you were here, all of you, seriously. In lieu of filling the mansion with denim…

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The story of a simple field jacket

Those of you that follow my Instagram have been seeing unsubtle little teasers for this one for a  while now. It’s been in the works, the really slow works, for months. Now though it has sprung forth, not unlike one of those butterflies you see on the high-definition nature channels. Yes, the big colourful butterflies that remind you of jackets.…

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Shop visit: Labour & Wait – stopped in time

On a recent visit to London, when I was visiting SEH Kelly, I got talking to some of the other visitors they had the morning I was there. A couple of these were the guys that have the shop almost right round the corner, Labour & Wait. Now, I’d heard about this shop before, as it was mentioned in an…

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