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Waistcoat Wednesday: Sir Plus, if you like your cabbage up-cycled

From an incredibly wet and un-summery Norway I’m back for another edition of the almost transcendental series of waistcoat verbiage I have titled Waistcoat Wednesday. In fact, I was going to feature this fine waistcoat last week, but the lashing rain and howling wind put paid to that feature. This week I would not be foiled and while the raindrops…

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Review: Stylish underwear for the mature man

For the longest time I’ve harboured a, mostly unexpressed, jealousy towards women. That’s women in general, not really any specific females, at least not in this case. You may wonder why I’m jealous (or not, in which case I’ve probably lost your interest anyway)? Now, I’m quite certain I’m not alone in feel a little jealous, although I’ve resisted Googling…

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