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A visit to see Michael May’s pocket knives in Sheffield

HebTroCo makes their Barlow pocket knife in the workshop of Michael May in Sheffield,  and I found myself there by their invitation on a windy Tuesday in March. This is the second in a series of articles about the background and makers of the HebTroCo products. Whenever I arrive in a new place, I like to go walkabout. Get a sense…

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Mantiques: Tools redux, a finer measure

Well, it’s time for another Mantique Monday and once more I’ve been rummaging in the workshop deep in the bowels of Well Dressed Mansion. I’ve previously brought up the matter of tools in my Mantiques series, and I’m back with another tool today. Why? Tools fascinate me. The combination of design and utility is unmatched, and when the combination really…

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A label to watch: Mamnick – small, but exquisite

In my series of presentations of labels I consider worth keeping an eye on, today has brought us to the tiny Northern label of Mamnick. Situated in the defunct steel town of Sheffield in Yorkshire (a town I also have family ties to), Mamnick is named after a road in the Peak District, just outside of Sheffield. Mamnick isn’t so…

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