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Garmology video: Buying a vintage Barbour

In this Garmology video, I talk about buying a vintage Barbour, specifically a Border or Northumbria. Most of the features and differences are covered, as well as how to clean and rewax the waxed cotton. Read more about rewaxing a waxed jacket here. If you’d like to have your waxed jacket waxed or repaired, I recommend Ryan at Mallin &…

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Rewaxing a waxed jacket, or the story of “Aulde Reekie”

In the world of tech fabrics, waxed cotton is the old curmudgeon sitting in the corner eyeing up the newcomers with a sceptical look of disdain. Waxed cotton has been around for ages, from the early use of improving the wind-retaining use as sails, to water-repellent outerwear. As these things go, it’s pretty environmentally friendly as well, there are no…

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