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So you’d like to maim yourself with your new safety razor?

From feedback received I understand I have taken on something of a responsibility with regards to shaving. My Great Investigation of shaving creams has clearly inspired gentlemen worldwide to return to the vintage-style safety razor of their fathers. With consequences. Sometimes both bloody and disfiguring. Possibly not maiming though, which may be small consolation when you’re standing there in front of…

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The Great Shaving Cream Investigation – Round 4

Welcome to round 4 of the Great Shaving Cream Investigation! At this point you may well be wondering how many rounds there will be, and if the excitement can continue to escalate at such a fearsome rate. Well, dear shaving cream aficionados, I can exclusively reveal that there will be at least another 2 rounds after this one and I…

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The Great Shaving Cream Investigation – Round 2

Round 1 of the Great Shaving Cream Investigation saw Billy Jealousy soundly trounce Gentleman’s Tonic, with both seeing points lost for unsound ingredients. The huge difference in the products made my job quite a bit easier though. Will I have as much luck this time? A week of rest and active accumulation of fresh stubble and I’m ready to take a…

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