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Book review: "Denim style" by Horst Friedrichs

The big denim news at the moment has been the release of the book “Denim style”, by photographer Horst Friedrichs. About 90 pages long (“about” as in “they forgot to number the pages and I’m not about to count them”), it’s a collection of photos of various British denim-fans wearing their denim outfits. Friedrichs is a professional photographer and has previously done…

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The best of Fruit & Menswear Volume 1

The past few weeks have seen me present a small art project by way of my Instagram account. Art? Well, I’m sure that is quite debatable, but why not try a new, tangy twist to the tired sartorial photography? So, in the spirit of up-cycling, I present Volume 1 of “Fruit & Menswear”. All installations, concepts and photography by yours…

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