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Garmology podcast: The Happy Dresser – With Rebecca Smith (#131)

This week, we’re diving headfirst into the captivating world of clothing with Rebecca Smith, author of “The Happy Dresser”! Join us on a journey as we explore the profound significance of garments in our lives, unlock the cherished memories they hold, and unravel the compelling stories woven into our very fabrics. We talk about the impact of fashion on our…

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Making a jacket out of a vintage army tent

There is something about the simplicity and honesty of an old army tent that really gets my creative juices flowing. It’s a 3-pack really, a diamond-shaped shelter fabric, two short tent-poles and some pegs. Not that I’ve found an actual use for the wood poles and metal pegs yet, though at some point they’ll no doubt find some use. The…

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Time for some sewing again… Merchant & Mills jacket!

After a long and basically threadless Spring and Summer (bare the occasional button that needed sewing, naturally) it’s time to see about firing up the sewing machine again. Yes, I know, the blue corduroy waistcoat is still unfinished, and every time someone asks I think that it must surely be time to finish it. And it will happen, I promise! In…

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