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Garmology podcast: Twisty Tales: From Fashion Studies to Shoemaking with Kenneth McClure (#147)

Embark on a journey of unexpected turns and intriguing transformations as we sit down with today’s guest, Kenneth McClure, the sole operator of Noble & Whylie, a maker of handmade shoes based in Sheffield. Kenneth’s story is a testament to the twists and turns of fate, starting from a desire to create, studying fashion, and exploring various avenues before stumbling…

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Garmology podcast: Canny Crafting: The Journey of Gillian McNeill and LAW Design Studio (#146)

Join us on our journey to uncover hidden gems in the world of small-scale creators as we venture to Glasgow for an enlightening conversation with Gillian McNeill of LAW Design Studio. Gillian shares her journey from a budding creative spirit to establishing her own independent venture. We delve into her passion for design, her following the conventional path in fashion…

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A new minimal wallet from Minimum Squared

A while back I did a few wallet reviews, comparing a couple of different concepts of, well, walletry? The most innovative of those was from Minimum Squared in Valencia, Spain. A tiny wife and husband team taking a more engineered look at how a wallet could work. Well, they’ve tweaked the design, added more leather options, and I have one…

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