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Garmology podcast: The way of Cabourn – With Nigel Cabourn (S05/E22 #122)

It’s been a long time coming, but this week finally sees iconic British designer Nigel Cabourn guest Garmology for a wide-ranging and openhearted chat about why he really got into fashion design, his inspirations and heroes, the ups and downs of life and business, his love of travelling, meeting people and collecting vintage garments, the collection that never happened, and…

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Garmology: We’ve been here a while – With Hillary Bacon of Cordings (S04/E04)

My guest today represents tradition, resilience and doing what you do well. Hillary Bacon is the marketing director of Cordings of Piccadilly, a clothing establishment that has been basically unchanged since 1839, although the world around has changed fundamentally. We talk about how Cordings started and those important first products, how society has evolved, appreciating that some things don’t have…

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Garmology video: The Nigel Cabourn Mallory jacket

In this episode of “Garmology: Fun with outerwear!” I take a look at the Mallory jacket. First introduced as part of Nigel Cabourns “The ascent of Cabourn” in 2003, an inspired collection that arguably did ensure a big rise in Cabourns popularity, the Mallory has proven an enduring design, returning season after season in a variety of fabrics. I talk…

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