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The anatomy of a cult object – The deerstalker

Great title, right? Not something I came up with, mind you, I purloined it in a dastardly manner from an old friend who wrote a painfully meticulous book detailing every little component of the early Jaguar XK120, definitely a cult object in it’s own right. Todays post though? The deerstalker hat. Traditionally a hunting cap first heard of in the 1860s and…

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Campbells of Beauly, outfitters to the laird

While staying in a small hotell outside Inverness I was made aware of a local company that might be of interest to me. I say “was made aware”, but it was more like “here, look at this, it’s right up your alley” as WDW dropped a brochure in my lap one afternoon. And indeed it was! Partly because I religiously watched 64…

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