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A smarter way to lace your shoes?

Most of us, well, at least me, has one way of lacing our shoes. It’s probably the global standard and the most obvious possible way. Those that are a little more advanced will have a fancier way for fancier shoes, but as it doesn’t really work as well, it’s not the most common way. And I realise that declaring a…

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Fancy some almost unbreakable shoe and boot laces?

I have to admit, shoelaces can be a major frustration to me. You’d think the ones included with a pair of shoes or boots would be the absolute pinnacle of shoelace technology, to match the outstanding footwear supplied by the dedicated craftsmen that have carefully and lovingly designed, decided and crafted the footwear you are holding, using all their years…

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How to lace and tie your shoes

Shoes are an ancient and established piece of technology in most of our lives. Those of us over the age of 5, with normally developed skills and faculties, are also well acquainted with shoe laces, both from the perspective of lacing the shoes and from tying the laces. Given that everyone clearly manages well enough in this respect on a…

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