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Companion Denim unboxing and review!

I was recently reading a piece in the newspaper about internet trends and how the phenomena of “unboxing” was huge. Never one to let a bandwagon pass by, I thought “hey, I’m sure it’s not just kids that would like to see someone open a box and show them what’s in it!”. Heck, I know you’re gagging for my little…

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A pilgrimage to Companion Denim

This summer I decided to go on a pilgrimage. Not in the traditional sense of seeking out a holy place of note and walking there, mind you. More in the way of a growing awareness of going to be quite near a destination of note for enough time to allow me to saunter by to say “hola!” kind of thing. You…

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Trouser Tuesday: Companion Denim jeans, tweaked to 11

In the past two years I’ve bought some pretty decent denim. I could mention the Iron Hearts, all Japanese ruggedness, or the Livids, made by four hands in Norway, the Steel Feathers, designed in Norway and made by Japanese craftsmen, or the Tenders, quirkily British and hand dyed. This time though I wanted something even more different, and when I…

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