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Morgan Motor Cars, worth a visit

A while back I posted a couple of reports from this summers holiday in the UK. Basically, we drove around the South and then drove some around the North, and in between, we stopped here and there and looked at interesting things. In part one of the road trip, I mentioned that we’d stopped off to visit the Morgan Motor…

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Iconic footwear: Paraboot Michael, classic French

Whenever we’ve been talking footwear, my mate Scratch has been going on about his Paraboot Michel shoes. Whenever I’ve done a post about footwear recommendations for the upcoming season, he’s been there, telling me that I must include Paraboot. And each time, I’ve taken a look at them and thought they looked a bit odd, but knowing that Scratch does know…

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A label to watch: Hansen Garments

My interest in clothes has evolved over time. From finding items I kind of liked in highstreet shops, to actively seeking out the really special items. A lot of my old favorites have been moved progressively further into the darker realms of my closets, as they have been replaced by truly great items. I’m not saying the things I like…

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