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Making my own Chore jacket – part 2

I left you at the end of part one having cut out all the pieces required to make the jacket, and applied interfacing to the bits that needed the extra rigidity. So far it was really just a case of following the simple and logical process of identifying the right size, carefully cutting out the pieces and doing a little ironing.…

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Making my own Chore jacket – part 1

Even with the very best of intentions, this project has been a slow starter. It’s been sitting on a shelf in the hallowed room of sewing for around a year now. I did post about it half a year back, when I thought I had worked up the gumption to give it a go (read here), so let’s let that one…

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Ley Clothing – more quality, small-scale production

Ley Clothing is Ollie. Just Ollie, operating out of the spare room in his flat, self-taught and dedicated to his art. He first came to my attention when I noticed the shirts he was showing on Instagram. In a fantastic looking brown deadstock vintage corduroy. I’m not sure which of those hashtaggable words it was that caught my attention, but…

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