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Is there a relationship between quality and cost?

An interesting topic revealed itself yesterday, spurred on by WDW noticing that yet another of her items of clothing was ripe for recycling. Not that it had totally failed in it’s mission, it was still quite serviceable in that it had no holes, failed seams or other mechanical failures. It was just not in the same condition as when it…

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12 things you need to know about menswear and fashion

“12 things you need to know about menswear“. Indeed. I was looking through the trite articles on offer on a Norwegian fashion news site this afternoon and almost every title was click-bait offering to reveal some number of somethings you desperately need to know to know about making an outfit faux pas, or not making the impression you should be…

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In case you missed them, the best of 2015 #2: Reviews

Further on from the index to all the guides I wrote in 2015, here is a handy index to my reviews of the year. I’ve grouped them in a hopefully logical order, to aid in your thorough perusal of posts. You might like to read the handy indices to 2014 as well, they can be found here and here! The reviews of 2015: Trousers: Wrangler…

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