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Serious Trouser Suspension – For Holding Up The Trousers

Welcome to another unboxing video, aka me trying not to mess up a single take video too much while talking and opening a box of something I’m pretty keen to show you. This time it’s a pair of suspenders from Copenhagen-based For Holding Up The Trousers and yes, I do adore the company name, it’s literalness is utterly smile-inducing. If…

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Guide: How to get set up for braces

Braces and suspenders, a belting alternative: Braces, or suspenders if you like, are a mainstay of a gentleman’s attire. Sometimes you may be in luck and find the lucky pair of trousers that will sit on you without falling down, and hopefully without acting like a tourniquet round your vital parts. Mostly though, you will be in need of some aid…

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