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Trouser Tuesday: A vintage style from a surprising source

And… we’re back! After the last run of trouser reviews you probably thought there was no more to be said about a pair of trousers, and you were almost right. Well, apart from being wrong, as will be proven as I work through a fresh stack of two-legged attire suitable for the colder season. This will most likely include some…

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Feelgood fashion, even more genuinely so

While on our usual Saturday morning trip to town this week, I joined WDG in visiting the new local ethical clothes shop. Ethical clothes shop? Sounds really lame and hippie-like, right? I could have come up with a more enticing and juicy description instead of  a really poor, though short, description, so your derision is entirely my fault. Something along the…

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Fashion, clothing and ethics: Who made your clothes?

So, today is Fashion Revolution Day. A year to the day after 1133 people were killed and over 2500 injured when the Rana Plaza garment factory collapsed in Bangladesh. A tragedy that made world news and made a huge impact on those unfortunate to be directly involved. Has anything changed since then? Quite likely not. At least not on any…

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