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Garmology: You’ve worn that before! – With Professor Andrew Grove

Andrew Grove is Professor of Fashion Design at the University of Westminster, London and curator of their menswear archive. He pops by to talk about moving to London as a young man, working with Alexander McQueen, being a  student while working in a sex shop, moving into academia as a lecturer, the one-upmanship of terrace culture, why bad taste needs…

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Garmology: A slow fashion chat – With Sam Binstead (S03 E05)

This week, Sam Binstead is back for a laidback chat about the world of slow fashion, local makers, mending, vintage, bond villains, the outdoorsy life, promoting the susty message on Instagram, the real way forward and making shoes from odd materials. You can find Sam Binstead on Instagram as @SamBinstead and on YouTube here. Nick Johannessen is the host of Garmology, the editor of…

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Garmology podcast: Accessorize this – With Richard Tyler (S03 E01)

First out in season 3 of Garmology is Richard Tyler of Men’s Accessories company Tyler & Tyler. Tyler & Tyler comes from the stable of a British family-controlled business that has been manufacturing in Birmingham since 1908. They design and make all the extra shiny finishing touches such as cufflinks, tie clips, blazer buttons and lapel pins. They also offer…

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