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Garmology podcast: Sewing bees – With Liz Grylls and Matt Gage (S02/E14)

Arguably, one of the most compelling television shows in recent years is The Great British Sewing Bee, a fierce, yet friendly, competition between keen hobbyist sewers, with warmth, humour and great opportunities for learning. I can only imagine countless new sewers being inspired to thread their machine and start creating. My guests are Matt Gage and Liz Grylls from the…

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Garmology Podcast: Devoted to menswear – With Sarmilla of MenswearByAWoman podcast (S02/E12)

Sarmilla is a freelance menswear designer based in London. We talk about her background, ideas and experiences, how menswear and womenswear differ, the importance of style over fashion, clothes brands wanting to become lifestyle brands, and launching a podcast featuring women working in menswear, Menswear By A Woman. Oh, and will showing dresses on runways and boyband celebs make more…

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Garmology: Raedical reuse – With Christopher Raeburn (S02/E07)

Award-winning British fashion innovator Christopher Raeburn joins the podcast to talk about how he got involved in upcycling military surplus, creating high fashion from vintage escape maps and parachutes, how change is happening even in huge companies such as Timberland and how the spread of ideas and inspiration is as valuable as producing a saleable product. We also get into…

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