Garmology S00 E28: Is retail dead? – With David Wilkinson of Steen & Strøm

David Wilkinson has had a long and varied career in retail, from a small-town hardware store, via Harrods in London and major department stores in Doha and St. Petersburg, to currently in charge of Steen & Strøm, the Oslo department store that has been trading since 1797. We talk about David’s early days in retail, how retail has changed over time and how the person to person interaction can never be replaced by online shopping. Underway names are dropped, experience reminisced and tales told. Such as how you go about selling crime novels to Michael Caine. Oh, and of course we talk about sustainability.

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  • James David Bradbury 25/10/2020 at 12:23

    Fascinating Interview with David Wilkinson a Fashion & Retail Legend !


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