The final squeak of the sales…

Yep, you may have thought the sales were all over, but no, there are still bits and pieces out there, and in the final dying gasp of the sales the best bargains are there to be had. Sitting in a hotel room in Delhi with nothing much to do, I decided to have a little poke around and see what could still be found. To save you the trouble, like.

For starters, Realm & Empire have some pretty decent stuff at 70% now, well worth a look. The field jacket looks a winner to me, and the Bacton artisan jacket I reviewed a while back is superb value right now. Check out the Archive section as well for the more Autumnal offerings.

RE0216FUDGE_retouched_large SSP_1348_large

End Clothing is one of the most comprehensive online retailers, and of course their sale is full of interesting tidbits. Looks briefly through the offerings I was surprised to find interesting pieces from brands such as Nigel Cabourn and Barbour, to mention just a couple.

24-02-2015_barbour_rangerjacket_navy_1_bm 17-02-2015_nigelcabourn_tropicspocoat_navy_1_amc

Speaking of Cabourn, the Hip Store has quite the selection at 50%, even the AW14 aircraft jacket that I rather fancy. And the latest Cameraman in linen, which is also a really nice jacket…



Peggs & Son are still offering up the goodies, though only down to 60% at this time. Still, I found a Universal Works Barra jacket I liked, and patchwork tends to catch my eye every time, such as this Engineered Garments piece.

19th_century_bd_shirt_-_navy_foulard_patchwork_print_1_ barra_jacket_-_chambray_indigo_1_

14oz in Berlin is a rather special shop when you visit, carrying some quite exceptional brands. Their online presence is not the greatest, though I did find a couple of cracking deals in their sale, such as the Gloverall Monty and the much praised Ten-C Snow Smock.

tenc_smock_snow_jacket_3262 1._hanger_front_copy_1

My final stop on this pre-dinner virtual splurge is Oi Polloi, currently down to final sales. I noticed a rather nice looking Monitaly jacket and another Engineered Garments piece, this time a CPO style shirt/jacket.

EG-SS15-08-01_1024x1024 Monitaly-SS15-tops-05-01_1024x1024

And now, time for dinner.



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