Monthly Archives : August 2014

A further week on Instagram

Welcome to another weekly summary of my posts to Instagram. This week has been mainly about doing as little as possible, with the main activity being aggressive and competitive games of croquet. My lawn is currently dried out, stubbly and uneven, so there is literally not a level playing field. Still, good fun. Also this week, I tok my son…

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The Great Shaving Cream Investigation – Intro

I recently experienced an old-man moment. You know what I’m talking about, right? When you observe the younger generation making their mistakes or doing silly stuff, and you just shake your head and really want to say something, but you don’t, as you know that nothing good will come from it. What was it I observed this time? A young…

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Weekly roundup of life on Instagram

Another week of super Summer here in Southern Norway. Someone mentioned it was the best summer in 80 years, which on the one hand means it has been one hell of a summer, and on the means it’ll be a long wait for another of equal quality. Still, nothing much I can do about it, apart from try not to…

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