My new tweed iPhone cover

One of the joys of blogging is the voyage of discovery it has become. I started out with a certain amount of knowledge and a selection of things I liked, yet one thing has led to another and as my knowledge has grown, my tastes have also evolved and changed, and I’ve found many new topics that I find interesting.

And I keep discovering more people doing interesting things. Like Urban Upcycle, a two-person company in London that produce covers for phones, tablets and anything else that is of a similar format. I first found them on Instagram and was instantly charmed by their concept, reusing (or upcycling) pre-loved fabrics they come by. Of course, it was the use of gorgeous vintage tweed that really grabbed my attention, but that will not come as much of a surprise!


All of the covers made by Urban Upcycle are by nature short-runs, there is only so much fabric on a vintage tweed garment, so it pays to keep an eye on the Urban Upcycle Instagram account to see when one that takes your fancy pops up. I knew when I saw Rebecca was working on a particularly fetching pattern of tweed that my Iphone needed precisely this one.

And a week later it was here. The tweed is incredibly soft and beautifully patterned. The lining is a vivaciously patterned vintage cotton fabric, also selected for it’s singularity. The sewing work is very nice indeed, and my phone is so comfy in doesn’t want to come out. Price-wise it’s spot one as well, especially given that is Made in Britain twice over, handmade, eco-friendly and really very very nice. And WDG agrees as well, and she is nowhere near the tweed-freak that I am!


If you’re on the lookout for a cover for your device, and have a hankering for the tweed, you’ll probably really like one of these. I must also mention that it is such a pleasure doing business with such obviously nice people!

Now I only need them to make me a human-sized one!

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