Waistcoat Wednesday: Made in the shade, a surprisingly nice sales steal

While I’ve previously mentioned that I’ve mostly given the sales a miss this year, I did find myself dragged along to town by WellDressedGirlfriend yesterday, where sales are mostly in final reductions most places (though not the place that has a pair of Grensons I’d like to get if they hit 70%). Whilst waiting around, I found myself outside a menswear emporium I rarely go into, as they mostly have own-brand stuff given “cool” names so it looks like they stock clothes from a number of places. This one is by “Made in the Shade”. They don’t fool me though, and I always swerve well past their offerings. This time though, I noticed waistcoats hanging on the 70%-rack.



A very simple and non-fussy cut, no squiggly features, no hardware to comment on. Just 2 front pockets, that may not even actually be working pockets, and I’m not planning on undoing the stitches to check. The outside material is a fairly thick cotton, in a light blue chambray style flavour, compatible with almost anything, so a great choice if you’d like to wear the waistcoat with various combinations. The inside is a thick off-white cotton. Again, the buttons are a let-down, but a the price this waistcoat sells for, they’re not really at the level where I’d expect to see really top quality buttons. Almost a little of the workwear style over it, though not in an overdone way. No bells, no whistles, but actually a very attractive and well fitting waistcoat. Surely we can’t argue with that?



I said there were no squiggly design details on this one, and well, there really isn’t. Apart from the stepped design on the sides, so I’ll include a photo of that. And one of the inside cotton material, after all, we can’t have a waistcoat review without a full 6 photos now, can we?

Abundant amounts of armless attire in the Waistcoat Wednesday archives!

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