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Outerwear: The Grenfell X Cordings Shooter jacket

Reading Time: 7 minutesAnother classic jacket on the review bench today, the Cordings x Grenfell Shooter, a design first available in the 1940’s. For reasons that will become clear, I have divided this post into 4 parts. Let us proceed.   The history of Grenfell and Cordings There is a lot of history combined in one jacket here. The maker, Grenfell, has it’s…

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Style: A few tips for the Autumn/Winter season Part 2

Reading Time: 15 minutesWelcome back to part two of my tips for what to wear this Autumn! This is a three-part post: General and above the shoulders  Upper body wear (this post) Legs and feet Or maybe a new backpack? With head-wear and scarves covered, let’s move on to the upper body. Here it becomes more interesting, as with the upper-body we get the…

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Backpacks for the stylish man – Summary

Reading Time: 14 minutesPlease note, this post is getting old, you may want to check out these instead: New for Winter 2015: Another 15 backpacks for the stylish man! Click on Part 1 and Part 2! New for Autumn 2014: Even more stylish new backpacks! Click here for the latest post! Note: I’ve since done another post with a stylish selection. You will want…

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