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Another case of sole rejuvination, my Victory-soled Masterpieces


Reading Time: 4 minutesThis summer I happened up on a pair of Grenson “Masterpiece” brogues, well used and going for a song. The leather sole and heel were pretty worn down, but the careful owner had taken wonderful care of the upper, they were polished to a deep, gleaming lustre and looked pretty great. So, given my preference for some proper rubber under…

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Of interest: NPS Solovair, quietly making shoes since 1881


Reading Time: 4 minutesI’m at the start of a series of posts about companies that for some reason or other interest me. Either due to unique products, some quirky aspect of their business, or because they have a background and history that is interesting. In the case of NPS Solovair, the interest starts with the company name. The NPS part dates all the…

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Ripple soles – fun or function?


Reading Time: 5 minutesA while back I wrote a post about shoe soles, listing up the most important types and ranting a bit about ones I consider to be confusingly misnamed. One sole I decided not to include in that post was the ripple sole. Why? In my ignorance I considered it a bit of a novelty sole. In my defense it’s not one…

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Update: The Dr Martens #solegate saga!


Reading Time: 3 minutesA while back I posted about how I discovered that my classic Dr Martens shoes had developed split soles (read the original post here!). Although four or five years since I had purchased them, they had seen little use and I was very surprised to find that the soles, while displaying marginal wear elsewhere, had split along the sides, opening…

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Consumer Advocate: How long should a pair of Dr Martens last?


Reading Time: 10 minutesGiven my recent activism around the probably bicycle related wear on a pair of my tweed trousers, it may be a little early to go on another disappointed consumer rant. Or is it? Heck, we pay good money for our nice clothes and shoes, so isn’t it reasonable to find they live up to expectations, or even exceed them? Should we…

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A comprehensive guide to Goodyear welted shoe soles


Reading Time: 10 minutesIn recent times I’ve had  a couple of pairs of my quality shoes, the ones with Goodyear welted shoe soles, resoled. In the grand scheme of things makes me something of a know-it-all, with regards to what goes on on the underside of Gentleman’s footwear. First I found a pair of custom-grade Church brogues, which I then had resoled with Dainite soles, then…

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