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My new backpack – the Trakke Arkaig!

Reading Time: 9 minutesI make no secret of enjoying and appreciating a good backpack. In fact, I often scout around the Interweb looking at backpacks, collating the finest into another post in a series of “Backpacks for the style conscious man”. A backpack is a great way of bringing stuff with you, without the hassle of having to use one or two arms…

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Outerwear: The Mackintosh Clisham, an evolution of the original raincoat

Reading Time: 8 minutesMost people know that when you refer to a ballpoint pen as a “biro”, you’re really referring to a brand-name writing device manufactured by the Société Bic (which, although it sound more like a dyslectic cycling club is actually a major maker of ballpoint pens and relatd). There are quite a few products where the brand of the most famous…

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Icons: Harris Tweed

Reading Time: 13 minutesHarris Tweed cloth must be the most fabled and mythical of cloths in use today. With a history going back over 200 years, the story reads more like a fairytale than a straight history lesson. A fairy tale with highs and lows, a fairy godmother, an evil persona, a prince to save the day and happily ever after. Let’s not…

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