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When “eco fashion” means “con-oaf, he is”


Reading Time: 3 minutesIt’s been a while now since I last posted a rant. You might be forgiven thinking that my more Meldrewesqe tendencies have been under control, my life has been utterly copacetic (such a great word, aren’t great words just the greatest?) and there was nothing around to make me shake my fist in annoyance. Yet, as I wander around, observing,…

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The truth about #hygge


Reading Time: 5 minutesObserving the current obsession in the UK with the apparently Danish concept of “hygge” is both amusing and disturbing. Firstly, trying to package and sell such a concept is in itself a strange task, based as it is on an apparently untranslatable word that involves an increasingly wide selection of absolutely necessary food, drink, accessories and whatnots to achieve some…

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Knitted wool hats can get stuffed.


Reading Time: 5 minutesI realise I’m going out on a limb here, stating the unutterable, voicing the opinion that dare not be muttered, yet standing up for the freezing man in face of popular opinion. You just know I’m about to go off all half-cocked now, right? So, knitted wool hats. What a load of crap! Apart from hiding your bad hair day, what…

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The critical state of waistcoat buckles


Reading Time: 10 minutesNow, anyone that has been following my blog for a while knows that around here we very much enjoy our waistcoats. This tends to lead to a certain amount of nerdy attention to detail, as shown in my series of waistcoat reviews for my ongoing Waistcoat Wednesday festivities. Details matter, otherwise all we have is an indistinguishable array of armless…

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