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Four new backpacks for the stylish man!

It’s been a while now since I presented any new backpacks, though I’m always on the outlook for suitable specimens. As for the previous posts (here, here, here and here), the parameters are basically the same: We need a replacement for the awful black standard-issue nylon backpack your company have provided you with. And it must be a nice one,…

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A label to watch: Home of Millican, bags and bags of style

In a slight deviation from the typical “label to watch” post, this time I’m taking a left turn away from makers of fine and interesting garments and instead taking a look at a company making travel bagssuitable for a Well Dressed Dad. I’ve ventured this way before, when I was looking for a backpack suitable for a stylish man, and…

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Backpacks for the stylish man – Summary

Please note, this post is getting old, you may want to check out these instead: New for Winter 2015: Another 15 backpacks for the stylish man! Click on Part 1 and Part 2! New for Autumn 2014: Even more stylish new backpacks! Click here for the latest post! Note: I’ve since done another post with a stylish selection. You will want…

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