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Getting into #armystyle – part 1


Reading Time: 5 minutesEver alert to emerging trends, finger on the fashion pulse and garrulously gazing at garments, I can’t help but note that army-inspired style appears to be totally on trend this season. Much like they are every season really, more or less. Probably a little more really, as a quick recce through H&M shows that they are hopped up on olive…

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More army aceness: Swedish wool jacket from 1956


Reading Time: 8 minutesI’m not quite sure why, but lately I appear to have been veering off the straight and narrow menswear track and more into the undergrowth of vintage and army gear. Thinking back it might have been finding the vintage Harris tweed jacket in Liverpool (the one that became the acclaimed first tweed project), or maybe it was falling for the…

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A look into the lookbook: Realm & Empire AW15


Reading Time: 3 minutesLookbooks are a strange thing. Brands spend time and money producing what amounts to a sort of picture book surrounding their collection, setting the look and mood of how they would like their product to be seen. Not the plain product photos you’ll see in the webshop, with all the details and such shown, but staged photoshoots, with props, weather and lifelike…

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Cool stuff: Maunsell forts, a little off the beaten track


Reading Time: 3 minutesI occasionally come across things that are so cool that, while they sort of fall outside the usual scope of Well Dressed Dad, I just have to mention them anyway. The Maunsell forts are a case in point. If you’ve ever seen them, they’ve probably made an impression on you in one way or another.   Sea forts, what on…

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Icons: Nigel Cabourn, the Cameraman jacket


Reading Time: 8 minutesOne of the most iconic jackets of recent years has to be Nigel Cabourns Cameraman jacket. It was first introduced in 2003 as 1 of 12 pieces designed & released as the Ascent of Cabourn collection to mark the 50th anniversary of the Hilary ascent of Everest. It’s a jacket that has been available every summer and autumn since then,…

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