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This is the page were I list items I have for sale from my personal collection, and things I’m on the lookout for. More info at the bottom of the page!

Contact me at WellDressedDad(at)

Wanted to buy or trade:

  • Yuketen Maine Guide boots, size UK8/Euro42
  • Hansen Garments, size medium and large
  • Nigel Cabourn Farm Pants in brown corduroy, size 34 or 36

Vintage Helly Hansen rain gear

This is authentic Helly Hansen rain smock and trousers from when they actually made it in Norway. Pretty decent condition for it’s age. The patina could no doubt be cleaned off, if desired, though for the rugged fishermans look it should definitely be retained. Slight burn mark by the front lacing, most likely from a rugged fishermans pipe. Size medium/48-50. Asking 95 pounds.

Realm & Empire jacket

Splendid jacket by Realm & Empire.  I can’t recall the name, but it’s from SS/16. Used a couple of times, perfect condition. Size large, P2P 23″. Asking 85 pounds.

Fatigues of unknown origin

I’ve no idea of the background of these fatigues, but they are without doubt some of the most detail rich and well designed fatigues I’ve come across. The only marking is a small tab with “44” in the waistline. Apart from that they are strenghtened in the seat and knees. Hems can be buttoned close, buttons for braces, buttoned pockets and the waist can be tightened. The only downside is that they are too small for me! Great patina as well, so it won’t look like you just bought a pair of fresh ones. Waist 28″, inseam 29.5″. Will make someone very happy at 75 pounds.

CP Company linen shirt

Blue linen shirt by CP Company. Size 3, P2P 22.5″. Great looking shirt. Asking 50 pounds.

Handmade vintage tweed trousers

Super pair of handmade vintage tweed trousers. Lovely herringbone tweed with a subtle blue stripe. Proper Peaky Blinders style with wide hem. Waist 31″, inseam 30″, hem 10″ across. Asking 50 punds.

Rapha cycling jeans

Superb quality cycling jeans by Rapha. Used twice. Size 34, length 32. Asking 60 pounds.

Rapha cycling trousers

Superb quality cycling trouser by Rapha. Used twice. Special dry-fast fabric and extra seat protection. Size 34, length 32. Asking 60 pounds.

Universal Works patchwork Bakers jacket


The well known and loved Bakers jacket by Universal Works in a great patchwork variant. Size medium, measures 22″ P2P. Worn 2-3 times, as new condition. Asking 75 pounds.

SOSO Denim jeans

Quality jeans by Swedish brand SOSO. Grey/green denim. Used a handful of times. Size 34″, inseam 32″. Asking 45 pounds.


Real & Empire Panton Pilot Jacket

Realm & Empire Panton Pilot Jacket. A great wool melton coat in dark green wool. Ribbed shawl collar and cuffs. Size large. Retails at 350 pounds. Asking 150 pounds.

Realm & Empire Panton Pilot Jacket. A great wool melton coat in dark green wool. Ribbed shawl collar and cuffs. Size large. Retails at 350 pounds. Asking 140 pounds.

Kapital Kountry waistcoat


A real rarity here, a Japanese Kapital Country waistcoat. A firm favorite, as it’s a truly special piece. The front is a patchwork of soft tweed in various colours and patterns and the rear is in the style of Japanese boro/satchiko stitching. Unfortunately even a size large was not large enough for me, so it may be better for someone else to appreciate this fantastic piece. P2P measures 19.5″. We can discuss it’s future ownership at something like 169 pounds.

Realm & Empire army jacket


Army jacket by British Realm & Empire. Olive cotton outer with cotton lining and waist adjustment. 3 front pockets and two rear. Very well made and rich on details. Brand new and unworn. Size large, measures 22.5″ P2P. Retailed at 160 pounds, asking 75 pounds.

1970s Lee 11-Z deadstock dungarees


From my investment collection comes this pair of perfect deadstock Lee 11-Z dungarees. Made in the USA, sanforized denim, size 38×34. Never worn, never hemmed. The cardboard has a torn corner, see photo. Triple-stitched legs and Talon 42-zip. Most likely from 1975, going by the “75” on the size label, but could be anywhere from mid 60’s to 70’s something. A similar pair was recently sold in Japan for over 500 pounds. Best offer over 250 can enjoy these timewarp dungarees. To frame and display or wear!

Realm & Empire bluest blue work jacket


A great jacket from British Realm & Empire. Voted the bluest jacket ever by at least one source (me), this is a fine chore coat jacket in herringbone cotton with corduroy details. Garment dyed after assembly for extra blueness. Handy inside pocket with zip. Used a handful of times, totally as new. Size large, measures 22″ P2P. Retailed at 120, asking 55 pounds.

Cydwoq retro style shoes sz 37


Hand made in America retro-style shoes by Cydwoq. Unisex-style, a large size 37. All leather, including laces. Purchased at Nu Sabates in Barcelona, worn twice to work. Selling due to them being just too large. Includes original box and shoe bag. Paid 305 Euros, asking 225 pounds.

Women’s Gloverall anorak in British Millerain


Lovely Gloverall anorak in navy blue British Millerain waxed cotton. Adjustable hood, 5 jute rope and wood toggles. All taped seams. Used maybe half a dozen times, as new condition. A fine opportunity to get a nice present for your petite significant other. Size 34 GB, USA 10, EUR 38, FR40, or a fitted 18″ P2P. Made in England. Retailed at around 200 pounds, asking 90.

Vintage army wool trousers


Vintage melton wool trousers from the Swedish army. Thick, solid wool in typical army quality. High rise, lots of butt-room and huge side pockets. Regular pockets bags in sturdy cotton twill. Metal buttons on fly and for braces. Leather buckle to snug up the leg openings. Get top notch originals before the repros hit the market! No lingering odours. 33″ waist, 16″ rise and 31″ inseam. Asking 50 pounds.

Superior Hipster Harris Tweed jacket


On offer here is a super duper rare Superior Hipster two-button blazer in Harris Tweed. It has the wear patterns and internal damage that only comes through a long and hard life. When it came into my collection I subjected it to the sort of mild and caring wash that is met with scorn by US preppie tweed afficinados (i.e. in a bucket of warm water and wool detergent), so it is now nice and clean. Usual detailing and so forth. No size marked, though I measure it to xx” P2P. If you have a beard, a fixie, tight jeans and need that final feature to take you to the next level, this is probably it. This jacket has more of that unmentionable something than most of us accumulate in a lifetime of trying. I’ll let it go as is, needing some careful needlework, for 75 pounds. Or you can have it for the asking if you buy another jacket. You will have to convince me that you will be able to rock it properly though. And I am mostly being serious here, ok? 🙂

Monitaly Hooded Parka


Monitaly melton wool hooded parka. This is another excellent jacket from acknowledged master Yuki Matsuda. Japanese design, made in the USA. 100% wool melton. Two big front pockets, one inside pocket. Corduroy inside cuffs, collar and hood. Raw leather drawstring on hood. Drawstring tightening on the waist. Spare buttons included. Worn a handful of times. Size 40, or medium, in proper money. Retails at 470 pounds. Asking 299 pounds.

Woolwich X Daiki Suzuki wool jacket

2016-01-05 10.30.33

Something a bit special from the archives here, a Woolrich X Daiki Suzuki wool jacket from the AW09 season. Daily is the acknowledged Master of Pockets and this one has a round 8 of them, including the useful poachers pocket. Cuffs and hand warmers pockets have nice leather edging. Tidy grey wool outer and quilted lining make for a useful Autumn/Winter jacket. The hood can be used as a corduroy lined hood or large collar. Lovely condition, very minor wool pilling. Size is medium, P2P measures 22″. How about 125 pounds for this classic piece?

Barbour Border waxed jacket

2016-01-04 13.53.40

Lovely vintage Barbour Border jacket. Size 40/50. Has just reached the sort of patina you dream about when you buy a brand new Barbour, yet it takes 10-20 years of wear to get there. Skip the hassle and get this ready-worn example. No damage or grubbiness. Big front pockets, removable inside pockets, pocket inside the storm flap for wallet and phone. Genuine Made in South Shields. Asking 120 pounds for this lovely piece.


Fjällräven Expedition down jacket

2016-01-04 13.59.19

Fjällräven Expedition down jacket. Arguably one of the best down jackets you can find. Double layer of down with no seams going through means the insulation is second to none. The perfect jacket for standing around waiting for the train in icy wind. The hood keeps you headphones nicely insulated. Snuggle up for the “back to the womb” feeling. Sadly global warming and no more commuting means I don’t get to enjoy this one like I used to. Not the best jacket for cycling in, unless it’s -25, when it’s perfect (been there, done that). Asking 249 pounds for this classic Swedish goodness.

NNO7 Peacoat Blackwatch

NN07 Peacoat in blackwatch style pattern. Wood buttons, quilted lining, corduroy details. Zipped pocket inside. Throat latch for extra protection. Size XL, xx P2P. Served me well on the cold days for a couple of winters! Asking 60 pounds.

NN07 Peacoat in blackwatch style pattern. Wood buttons, quilted lining, corduroy details. Zipped pocket inside. Throat latch for extra protection. Size XL, 24″ P2P. Served me well on the cold days for a couple of winters! Asking 49 pounds.

Vintage Harris Tweed jacket

2016-01-05 10.46.34

Vintage Harris Tweed jacket. As new condition. No vintage smells! Green/brown mix herringbone. Viscose lining. 2 buttons. Size 42R, as in medium/large, P2P is 23″. Branded as Buttonhole. Asking 65 pounds.


Earl of Bedlam Harris Tweed waistcoat

One of a kind Harris Tweed waistcoat by Earl of Bedlam, London-based tailors to stars like Nile Rodgers and Duran Duran. Light green mottled tweed and lined with the Earls custom cuff-printed lining. A great waistcoat. Asking 179 pounds for this unique piece.

One of a kind Harris Tweed waistcoat by Earl of Bedlam, London-based tailors to stars like Nile Rodgers and Duran Duran. Light green mottled tweed and lined with the Earls custom cuff-printed lining. A great waistcoat. P2P is 21.5″. Asking 169 pounds for this unique piece.


Sand madras linen waistcoat

Lovely madras check linen waistcoat by premium Danish menswear brand Sand. Sparingly worn. Size medium, P2P is xx". Asking 55 pounds for this great Summer number.

Lovely madras check linen waistcoat by premium Danish menswear brand Sand. Sparingly worn. Size medium, P2P is 21″. Asking 39 pounds for this great Summer number.

Gant flannel jeans

Gant flannel jeans. Super soft dark grey cotton, very soothing to the touch. Only worn a few times. Size 34x30, so short of leg. Asking 45 pounds.

Gant flannel jeans. Super soft dark grey cotton, very soothing to the touch. Only worn a few times. Size 34×30, so short of leg. Asking 29 pounds.




NN07 “Derek” shirt. Checked cotton. Very sparingly worn. Size large. Retailed at around 120 pounds, asking 25 pounds.

barbour shirt

Barbour cotton shirt with corduroy elbow patches. Worn once, briefly. Usual Barbour quality. Super soft cotton. P2P 21″, a regular fit medium. 35 pounds. Retailed around 150 pounds.

acne microcord shirt

Acne khaki micro-corduroy shirt. Super Swedish button-down quality, right down to the corduroy covered buttons. Very nice shirt. Worn a couple of times. Size 50, P2P 23″. 35 pounds. Retailed at over 150 pounds. Proper Scandi-quality and steeze for silly money.


The WDD X Indigo Village, real RAW indigo-dyed, ethically produced scarves!

If you’re looking for the indigo-dyed scarves, you’ve come to the right place.

Just arrived from a the small village in Thailand where they have been lovingly hand crafted from local cotton, dyed in real indigo and woven on a manual loom. Very limited in numbers, so form an orderly line, gents!  Ethical and small-scale production. Compatible with denim, tweed and other manly garments.

All scarves are 200cmx32cm (Around 80 by 12 inches).

Price is 55 pounds each, FREE SHIPPING.

Several versions are currently available, as shown below. Read more about the project here: Indigo Village.

Photo 07.02.15, 16.46.29

WDDS1XXX “Roughage Super-RAW-Indigo”. A coarser grade of cotton with a great indigo slubby weave. These are like the original Roughage, but after weaving they have been garment-dyed, and dyed using indigo paste, for the ultimate deep indigo colour. They feel quite dry to the touch now and are surely the ultimate scarf for the dedicated indigo freak. Only 5 available. 65 pounds for this one, due to the extra work and expense involved.

Photo 07.02.15, 16.47.40

Indigo-shirts. Deadstock heavy cotton shirts, made in Norway to military specification. Sourced from dusty storage areas in Norway, sent to Indigo Village, and dipped, dipped and dipped some more in the indigo vats. Each has come out a little different. Unique garments, only 6 5 available and strictly limited sizing. 3 smalls, one medium, one large and one extra-large. The sizing is: Small P2P 18″, arms 17.5″. Medium P2P 20″, arms 18.5″. Large P2P 21″, arms 22″ (can be rolled up).  These are totally laden with natural indigofera blue and will bleed. 50 pounds a piece.

indigo grid

WDDS2 “The Grid”. Soft cotton with lovely dual shades of indigo in a grid pattern. Only 1 left.

All items for sale are from my own collection, some carefully used, some forgotten in the closet. Everything I sell should be well described and well taken care of, but feel free to ask questions by mail if you would like further information. Or even make me an offer, OK?

If you’re wondering what the measurement P2P means, this photo illustrates it. Pit to pit, as in armpit to armpit. In inches. Multiply by 2.54 to change to centimetres, multiply by 2 to get a full chest measurements. A 20″ P2P fits a 40″ chest. OK? 🙂

p2p measurement

Terms: Payment by PayPal as a gift (i.e. you pay the PayPal charges). Norwegian buyers can pay by bank transfer or meet me if local. Shipping by airmail at cost. Reckon on 5 pounds for a shirt within Europe, 9 pounds for trousers. Paypal address is the same as the email below. No returns, so please ask enough questions up front.

Note: If the item you’re interested is still here, it’s very probably still available. If it’s gone, it’s quite definitely gone. Such is life.

Contact me at


  • Peter 24/03/2014 at 20:44

    For the future, can you start buying stuff that is far too big please

    • Well Dressed Dad 11/06/2014 at 07:32

      Hard to please everyone! I do have some large stuff lying around though 🙂

    • Einar M. Hay-Hansson 09/01/2015 at 08:11

      Yes, I agree! Have you considered steroids? hehe

      • Well Dressed Dad 09/01/2015 at 08:36

        Buy more and larger stuff, use steroids? Jeez, guys, people say I’m a bad influence but you are much worse! 😉

  • JACK ENGLISH 19/05/2014 at 22:57

    Im trying to buy some button braces there was a great striped pair on your page
    do you have any braces for sale ?

    • Well Dressed Dad 11/06/2014 at 07:30

      Sorry, only a pair of workwear ones currently for sale. Usually a few vintage originals on Etsy or eBay though, or Darcy Clothing in the UK have reasonably prices vintage style reproductions.

  • Garry Worsnop 11/12/2014 at 09:36

    how do i order a pair of The Red Wing 877 Irish Setter welldresseddad size 7 mens

  • Well Dressed Dad 13/02/2015 at 19:40

    Everything on the page, Andrew.

  • Well Dressed Dad 17/05/2015 at 19:16

    Shorts? Full lengde trousers! Send meg en mail på

  • Paul 27/11/2015 at 22:40

    Are there any more of th £65 indigo scarves.cheers

    • Well Dressed Dad 30/11/2015 at 07:50

      There are a couple left! Drop me a mail on the address above!

  • Mario 03/12/2015 at 18:52

    I am interested in the scotch and soda waistcoat in solid blue fabric on this page. Is it still available? In what condition is it? New? Used? What size is it? i need an L ( 50).
    Thank you,

    • Well Dressed Dad 03/12/2015 at 19:09

      Hi Mario, it’s used once, as new condition. It’s marked XL, though fits as L. Measures 22″ p2p.

  • Karin 11/01/2016 at 22:00

    Hi Nick,
    Thank you so much for sending the WDDX1 “indigo borealis” scarf, it arrived ok! The scarf is absolutely amazing – the loveliest indigo colour and the cotton really is as soft as silk! I couldn’t be happier – Thank you!!

    Do you have any more upcoming indigo projects?!

    • Well Dressed Dad 11/01/2016 at 22:12

      Hi Karin, so pleased you like it! I do have a limited number of new patterns sitting here, but no current plans for further projects. A few ideas though! Thanks again 🙂 Nick

  • Paul Miller 09/12/2016 at 18:59

    Bought two nice pieces a couple of months back… Nice easy transaction and shipped to the U.K. Thanks

    • nick 09/12/2016 at 20:23

      Thanks Paul, much appreciated! Glad you liked the pieces!

  • dan 29/01/2017 at 21:06

    hi there
    I’d like to buy the Realm & Empire bluest blue work jacket if still available?

    • nick 30/01/2017 at 08:59

      Hi Dan, I replied direct to your email.


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