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The indigo detective investigates colour bleed


Reading Time: 10 minutesI have a high level of natural curiosity, and when I wonder about something I want to find out more about it. It usually isn’t quantum physics or anything that would save the planet, though maybe every small thing helps? Heck, who am I kidding, I just notice small anomalies and have to scratch the itch. What was it that made…

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The weeks that were – a bumper catch-up


Reading Time: 3 minutesWhat with convalescence and a long Easter holiday I quite forgot to post my weekly summary of Instagram images. To make up for this unacceptably poor level of service, I hereby offer up an almost full selection. And to add further joy to the event, a lot of the images are of the evil twins, or triplets, in some cases.…

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Trouser Tuesday: Selvedge denim, how low can you go?

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Reading Time: 8 minutesThis review is a tricky one. No doubt about it. There comes a time when you’ve written a few reviews of denim trousers, spending time finding out what is different or special with each pair, describing, measuring, considering. And then you come to a pair like this, where there is almost nothing to say. You find yourself struggling, flailing even,…

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A couple of alternative waxed jackets


Reading Time: 9 minutesThe green waxed jacket, normally with a Barbour label somewhere on it, is a staple of the British look. Maybe not so much for the average British chap, but for the those aspiring to the hunting and gentleman farming look of the more elevated gents, the traditional green waxed jacket had a definite place. I have no problem with that…

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What they don’t mention on the front, or the search for shampoo…


Reading Time: 8 minutesGuys, I feel I have failed you. A while back I posted quite epic (if I may say so myself) series of shaving cream reviews, with a strong focus on content, as in points deducted for mixing dodgy ingredients into the mix. Then I posted about being cosmetically cautious, paying attention to ingredients in everyday products you use on or…

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