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Sustainability, recycling, reusing and.. plastic

The topic of sustainability is constantly evolving, with both consumers and makers getting involved to a greater or lesser degree. Hence, I wanted to do a followup piece with some new ideas and information. It’s very easy to become confused or swayed when reading or listening to pundits or companies go on about the ethical and environmental aspects of the…

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Making a waistcoat from a vintage army tent

Sewing is not something I’m doing all the time, it’s a passion that can flail up, burn strong and then go back into dormancy. Really I’m more about the ideas than actually the actual cutting, assembling and sewing. Not to say I don’t enjoy it, there is a huge amount of satisfaction in seeing a project through from idea to…

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In case you missed them, the best of 2015 #1: Guides

Last year I posed a couple of posts summarising all the best pieces I wrote in 2014. Since this was a resounding success and a public service in the true spirit of altruism, surprise surprise, I’m at it again this year! It can be an arduous task reading back through almost 400 posts, so here is an easy to use…

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