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Waistcoat Project v3: With added denim ruggedness

Another Wednesday, another waistcoat! As the waistcoat evolution goes forward, I am pleased to present another creation from my home workshop. This one is the third variant, this time with some added ruggedness through the use of raw denim for the back piece. Raw denim being the fabric du jour when it comes to being a bit beardy and manly.…

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The Waistcoat Project: Phase 2, getting real

So, moving on with the Waistcoat Project. Having proven in part 1 that it is feasible for a middle-aged man to sew a waistcoat at home, with little previous experience (I realise that for some, this comes as no surprise, yet for others this is a revelation of near biblical impact) I now want to make some adjustments to the…

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