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In case you missed them, the best of 2015 #2: Reviews

Further on from the index to all the guides I wrote in 2015, here is a handy index to my reviews of the year. I’ve grouped them in a hopefully logical order, to aid in your thorough perusal of posts. You might like to read the handy indices to 2014 as well, they can be found here and here! The reviews of 2015: Trousers: Wrangler…

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Whillas & Gunn Nullarbor, a new favorite backpack

Long term readers  will no doubt recall my quest a few months back to find a backpack suitable for a man of style. The point was to do away with the typical company-issued, black nylon backpack most people use to cart around their laptop and workday miscellany. This turned into quite a task, and resulted in not one, but two…

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Style: A backpack suitable for a stylish man?

New for AW14: Even more stylish new backpacks! Click here for the latest post! Consider this posting a pre-post of a feature I’m currently working on. It’s really a request for help in both finding ideas for backpacks and asking your opinion on what might be considered a good blend of style and utility. I think we can all agree…

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